This follows on from what I was saying (here) about starting to teach English.

So after a few months of teaching English I was really starting to enjoy it. Teaching English is very rewarding especially to adults who really value and appreciate the knowledge that you are sharing with them. However, most of the students tended to come to their English class, learn a little and then leave and not practice again until their next class, which was often not for another week! To truly learn English I think it is necessary to practice in a free way, expressing your real thoughts to other people not just going through controlled exercises in a class. So In November 2009 I started the first English Language Club facebook group. The aim was to create a social network of people in the local area of Asuncion who wanted more than just classes. Once we had a few members we started meeting regularly. It was pretty slow at first with only one person coming in to any of the meeting we did in 2009 but in 2010 it started to grow. We soon developed a core of dedicated members who have become good friends and practice English together regularly as well as having a handful of other members who attend occasionally and many who come when they can.  We have done many things together, mainly eating and drinking in bars but also Bowling, Karaoke and there is even talk about the possibility of doing a camp.

Next I will tell you about how we went international!

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  1. Pleased to hear the English language club is coming together and look forward to seeing it in action in April.

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